CLENS0012 12mm Structured Light Lens for SXP30/ODSXP30

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Smart Vision Lights lens for SXP30 and ODSXP30 Pattern Projector Lights.

Projectors integrate standard C-mount lenses. Smart Vision Lights recommends 2/3” or larger format lenses. Telecentric lenses can also be used for telecentric pattern projection. Standard format lenses with pattern area sizes and working distances are listed in the chart below.:

Chart is approximations due to differences of lens manufacturers.

Lens Part No

Lens Part Description

CLENS0006 Tamron 1/1.8'' Format, 2MP 6mm Mega-Pixal Lens
CLENS0008 Tamron 1/1.8'' Format, 2MP 8mm Mega-Pixal Lens
CLENS0012 Tamron 1/1.8'' Format, 2MP 12mm Mega-Pixal Lens
CLENS0016 Tamron 1/1.8'' Format, 2MP 16mm Mega-Pixal Lens
CLENS0025  Tamron 1/1.8'' 25mm F/1.6 with Lock for Mega-Pixal Cameras
CLENS0050 Tamron CCTV 50mm Lens

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