LCHP300-470 300mm Low Cost High Power Line Scan Light (470nm Blue)

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Line High Power (LCHP) Series
The LCHP Series of line scan lights is an innovative low-cost high-power version of the award-winning LHP. The LCHP utilizes 72 high-power LEDs (as opposed to LHP's 192 LEDs) for every 300 mm in length while remaining thermally stable thanks to the heat-dissipating qualities of the aluminum housing. The LCHP projects a fixed focus line with clearly defined edges. User-friendly 5-pin M12 plug convenience and familiarity make this light a great line scan light solution.

Product Details

  • Convenient 5-Pin M12 Connectivity
  • No Need For External Chilling System
  • Backlight Lensing Available
  • Available in 3 Wavelengths
  • Optional Linear Polarizer Available

Wavelength Colors

LCHP Wiring

T-slot mounting channel provided on both sides of LCHP lights. Mounting hardware included.

LCHP300 Downloads 

LCHP300 Datasheet | Smart Vision Lights LCHP300 3D STEP Model | Smart Vision Lights
LCHP300 2D DXF Drawing | Smart Vision Lights LCHP300 PDF Dimension Drawing | Smart Vision Lights


Possible Part Configurations:

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